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QSC 1450 Power Amp 

QSC RMX1450 Power Amp - $300.00 

QSC RMX1450 Power Amp - Compact size - up to 2400 watts in 2 rack spaces Professional quality performance - incorporates road-proven QSC designs High-current toroidal transformers for greater two-ohm power and low noise Independent user-defeatable clip limiters redu... 

Alesis Adat XT 20 

Like New
Low Hours--20 Bit  ---$599.00

Antares Mandolin  - $75.00

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5-Band Parametric Equalizer 

The PEQ2200 is an extremely effective and musical frequency correction and sound-shaping tool with center frequency, bandwidth and amplitude adjustment for each filter. Its state-variable, constant-Q filters and parallel filter configuration ensure musical operation, while overlapping frequency bands allow up to 30 dB of level correction