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WKBW  - The Dream Stream - Playing only the best  music !
 Smooth Jazz    Modern Jazz    Indies  Funk    Fusion
 Progressive Rock     Classic Rock    Funk Rock
 Blues  and more....

WKBW ... also known as the musicians station dream stream broadcasts daily from our studio in Baltimore, Maryland. 
If you like modern jazz artists like Pat Matheny, Michel Camilo ,The Brecker Brothers, Chic Corea, Mike Stern, Frank Gambale, Dave Weckel, Tower of Power, Steely Dan and other great artists along with some select Classic Rock and 
some unbelievable independent  talent  then WKBW is for you. 

If you are local artist in the area and you have a album out and you would like for us to play it on the show or 
if you would like to be interviewed and talk about the release of your new  CD give us a call at  410-661-4192.

Our station, while having a mixed but jazzy foundation, also showcases some independent artists with interviews, music information, memories and inspiration. It's a must listen for everyone involved in the music business and those simply who enjoy great music. If your a musician or play music on any level this station is for you !

                                                            Instructions on how to Listen:

First download the player to your computer...then click the Yellow Listen Live Now button or 
the Launch Web Tuner bar below. Notice how the bar also says download player on the left.
You can also just click Clipstream with out downloading anything and our station will play.

Follow steps 1 and 2 below...and your done.
This will take you directly to our station...enjoy ! 


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WKBW  - Baltimore MD  - The Dream Stream
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