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We are always busy gearing up for the ever changing advances in technology and being the dedicated souls that we are,
each year we invest in the latest technologies that will make the world of recording better and more efficient.
This is now our third recording studio with the latest state of the art equipment and technology.

Recording Artists

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Project artists and bands of all kinds are welcome. With over 3000
clients Hot Tracks has proven to be the place to go for audio production.
 Every client is special and has special needs. We understand this and go far beyond what
other studios would even dream of doing...just to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Talent / Musicians / In House Production

You'll find the beauty, power and dynamic range of both acoustic and electric instruments,
played by the very best talent in both Baltimore and Washington DC.
Our in house staff of artists, writers and producers will help you deliver a quality of music that will far surpass your expectations.

Maybe your already a talented artists and just need help with a few tracks.
(Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Horns, Woodwinds, Vocals or Vocal Backups)
Whatever you need, we will help you make your CD the very best it can be at a price your budget calls for.

Send us your song and we'll produce it from start to finish, giving you a master recording
ready for film & TV, radio airplay or as an extremely professional demo to send to record labels.

Media / Advertising

Commercials / Broadcast

We have a wide range of exciting feel good music aimed at the broadcast market available for you to select
as well as the ability to bring your special project to life from your very own creative ideas.
For Advertisers our in house library consists of over 500 CDís of musical styles to choose from.

Ask about making a custom Jingle for your business.


 Hot Tracks Shortcuts Demo

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Jingles  TV Spots  Radio Spots  SoundTracks  Music Beds  Commercials

Media Advertising is how we got started in the business in 1975. We have created hundreds of commercials for
Radio and TV and welcome all businesses and Ad Agencies.

No where else in Maryland can you find a studio that offers as much as Hot Tracks.

  Multi-Track Recording   Mastering   CD / DVD  Duplication   Videos   Video Production   Remote Recording
  Media Advertising   Needle Drops   Jingles   Radio & TV Spots   Music Beds   Sound Tracks   Movie Tracks   Voice Over's
  Music Lessons   Drums   Guitar   Piano   Bass  Trumpet   Flute   Vocal   Pre and Post Music Production
Song Writing / Creation  Music to Lyrics   Beats   Live Entertainment   American Idol (Package)  Karaoke Packages
  Web Page Design   Web site Promo   Website Hosting   CD / DVD Cover Photos   CD / DVD Cover Layout & Design and moreÖ

Facility / Studio

Our multi track facility has the very latest in recording hardware and software technology
enabling your project to be the very best it can be at a price your budget calls for.
Our 2000 square foot facility has all the comfort's you'll need.
So for a world of difference in audio production call us today.

What can we do that other studio's can't do?

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